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Window screen tulle curtain cloth UV printer application

UV printers have been continuously improved through years of technological innovation. Now, with its environmentally friendly and odorless UV ink, the operation is simple, quick, time-saving and labor-saving, and the printing screen accuracy is greatly improved. Color printing uses machine operation to take advantage of outdoor advertising, and at the same time, it is installed in recent years. Background wall and window screen tulle curtains landscape painting art personalized printing industry is also very popular and highly respected.

UV printer, curtain fabric printer

The materials that UV printers can print include: wallpaper wall covering, oxford cloth, window gauze curtain fabric, non-woven fabric, knife scraping cloth, canvas, car sticker, single transparent sticker, cloth bunting, light box cloth, lamp sheet, soft film. Cloth and PU artificial leather and more. The utility model has the advantages that the UV ink is used to be dry, the effect is realistic, and the utility model has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-sunlight ultraviolet light, anti-scratch, etc., and can also print the white embossed + varnish effect, and the printing precision is higher and the definition is higher. UV printers are compatible with more printed materials. Most materials are not coated before printing, and color materials can be printed.

The window gauze curtains are decorated with color prints and can be seen everywhere in our home interior windows. So how is this beautiful landscape decorative painting printed? The color printing process has various methods such as textile printing and thermal transfer printing, and each has its own advantages. Then the following mainly introduces the application of the newly-printed color printing screen decorative painting on the window curtain of the UV printer.

On the screen gauze curtain fabric, the color printing application of the decorative painting of the landscape painting can be seen in the picture, and the surface of the printed picture can be layered, and the glaze is used to enhance the brightness of the picture. As long as there is a high-precision picture, put the material on the UV printer, transfer the picture to the computer, import the picture and import the drawing software, click the mouse to print, and complete the window painting of the window curtain with a few steps. Color printing work. If you want to know more, please go to the printer equipment factory to visit and sample!